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What is #ReadyToRaid?

I’ve been a raid leader in World of Warcraft for over 8 years. Raiding has been a huge part of my life for close to a decade and it’s something I’m very passionate about. Lately I’ve heard so much talk about how people that WANT to raid CAN’T because of elitist PUGs (pick-up groups) in the premade finder or guilds that won’t give them a chance due to lack of experience or gear and it breaks my heart. EVERY experienced raider started out just as clueless and undergeared. The lack of understanding or compassion from some people in this community has been appalling. I’m here to give that chance to any player that wants to raid. Raiding is awesome and so are you! Let me help you get #ReadyToRaid so you can get into the PUGs or guilds that have previously not given you a chance. Please note, these runs are NOT for experienced players that just want to gear an alt.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens in a #ReadyToRaid run?

I bring in as many people as I can (up to the cap of 30) into Normal Emerald Nightmare and teach them good raiding habits, what addons to use, and boss strategies. I answer any WoW or raiding-related questions that are asked by both the people in the run as well as those watching my Twitch stream. I expect each player to be open to advice and constructive criticism. I am here to help you improve.

When do these runs happen?

Every Saturday at 2-6pm PST!

I do runs on both Horde AND Alliance. Due to time constraints I am unable to do as many runs as last expansion. This time I will be swapping between the factions each week which means two runs of each faction per month. (Horde > Alliance > Horde > Alliance).

I bring people in until the group is full so even if you can’t be there right at the beginning you could still get in. I pull people in between boss fights until the group is full.

How do I get into these runs?

Simply be present in my Twitch channel ( at the time of the stream. I use a premade finder group to pull people in. If there are a large number of people present I’ll use a lotto addon in Twitch to select players to come in. If I am short on a certain role (ie. Healers) I'll select one instead of using the lotto addon.

What is the minimum item level requirement?

These runs are done in Normal difficulty at the moment so the lowest I’m willing to bring in are players at 830ilvl. The “recommended” item level is 840 but there are always 2 or 3 geared people (myself included) present to help out so it does balance out. Keep in mind that these runs are NOT for carrying and if players don't make a sincere effort they will be removed. This is to help you improve!

What do I need to bring and what addons are required?

Bring your own flasks, potions, and food buffs. I insist that each player has Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) and Discord (voice chat) installed. If you refuse to be on Discord you WILL be removed from the group. These are teaching runs and you absolutely need to be able to hear me. The Twitch stream is delayed by 20+ seconds and isn’t a viable option during encounters when I call out instructions on the fly.

How is loot handled?

We will be using the ingame “Personal Loot” system. If you receive an item that you don't want or can't use and you're able to give it to someone that can use it, I encourage you to do so. These runs are about helping each other out, after all!

How long will you be doing these runs?

I have a full-time job and a progression raid team that take up much of my time and energy during the week. I will be trying to do these runs for as long as I am able. I do this because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to. There may be some cancelled runs due to life stuff or me simply needing a weekend off so just keep that in mind. This is a hobby, not a job.

Note: I do reserve the right to remove/decline people from my runs if their attitudes are unsavory. Nobody is entitled to be in them.